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I am the hunter and Zendra is my prey. I’ve known it my whole life, though we’ve only just met.

Wolfguard Security sent me to find out what she knows. To contain the threat she poses.
Zendra holds the key to unlocking a mystery that could destroy every shifter alive.
Her magic is unlike any I have ever felt.
I’m an Alpha Wolf. She’s something different. Ancient. Powerful. Intoxicating.
I crave her just like a drug.
She pulls me in even though I know it will be my undoing.
I have no choice but to stay bound to her. At least until I can uncover the secret she’s hiding.
The source of her power.
Only, I have a secret of my own.
If I don’t take a mate soon, I’ll lose control of my wolf for good.
It might already be too late.
I know I should just turn her over to Wolfguard and walk away. Find out if there’s anything left of me to save.
Though I came for the hunt, it’s Zendra who holds me captive.
Pulled between sin and salvation.
Duty versus desire.
There’s only one thing left to do.

Give into fate or lose everything.

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