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Book 1 in the Forsaken Fate Trilogy

Two Fated Mates. One Dangerous Lie.

Theo– I’m an Alpha with no pack. A rogue wolf forced into exile by a war weaker men started and brave shifters like me finished. But that’s all in the past. 

If I’m to have any future at all, I’ll have to reclaim what was stolen from me. I don’t have time for bullshit like fated mates. I’ve seen how they can be used to control men like me, bending them into monsters or worse…ghosts. 

Then she walked in. Betrothed to my enemy, the man who calls himself my brother. He doesn’t see how she looks at me instead of him. He doesn’t sense how she burns for me. How her dark nature calls to mine. She is my temptation and damnation all rolled into one. 

And she’s determined to let my brother claim her.  And he’s determined to make me watch.

Brynna–  As an Alpha wolf’s mate, I know what’s expected of me. Take his mark. Bond with him, body and soul. Live happily ever after.

Well, fuck all that. 

I want something else instead. Answers. Revenge. Power. So, yeah. I’ll take his mark. Then I’ll find out his truth and destroy him with it. I have everything under control.

Then I met Theo and everything went haywire. He owns me with just a look. He ignites me with his touch. We’re about to destroy each other but it feels too damn good to stop. God help us both.


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