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It’ll take all my shifter strength to protect this woman from what’s to come. Because it’s bigger and badder than any evil Wolfguard Security has ever seen.

Meg Crossley hired me to guard a priceless red diamond. But, the second I laid eyes on Meg, I knew she was the greatest treasure of all.
My heart beats for her.
Her touch rouses my inner wolf in dangerous ways.
She knows what she is to me, but it scares her.
She’s lost everyone she loves and that rare diamond is all she thinks she has left.
There’s a legend surrounding it. An ancient power lurks inside waiting to be unleashed.
If it falls into the wrong hands, it could spell the end for every shifter on the planet.
I’m here to keep that from happening. But it might cost Meg's life.

I'm caught between duty, destiny, and desire. A deal with the devil might be my only way out.

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