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With the fate of the Wild Ridge Bears hanging in the balance, can Bo find his true mate before it’s too late?

Bo Calvin is running out of time. As one of the last two Alpha bear shifters on Wild Ridge without a mate, he’s facing madness and certain death. When he finds Oona trespassing on Calvin lands, his attraction to her hits him like a thunder bolt. She’s fierce and beautiful like some Amazonian goddess. But, another Alpha has already made a claim for her. Bo knows she’s meant for him, but acting on it could lead to an all-out clan war.

Oona Ryan has a secret. She’s spent her whole life thinking she’s got a monster inside of her. Because of it, she’s lost her family and her home. A cryptic letter from her dying mother leads her to Wild Ridge in search of answers. What she finds instead turns her world upside down and reveals a shocking betrayal. Being among a group of virile bears calls to Oona’s nature in ways she never expected. One stolen kiss from Bo Calvin brings out her own, ancient primal power. But, her attraction to him comes with a price and her presence on the ridge leads the clans to the brink of civil war.

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