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Book 2 in the Mark of the Wolf Trilogy


One mistake. One wrong move. I trusted the wrong wolf and it’s changed my fate forever.

I walked right into his trap.
I tried to fight. Tried to run. But the man who’s haunted my dreams caught me. It turns out ghosts are real.
He captured me. Bound me in chains even I can’t break.
He is a predator, ruthless, cold. A dark wolf. But he’s something else as well. Brutal. Beautiful. Raw power.
And now he has what he wants. Me.
I don’t want to want him. I’ve been down this road before.
I should have killed him when I had the chance. He’s taken everything from me that matters.
I shouldn’t let him touch me. Shouldn’t love the way it feels.
But I do.
He wants to wreck me. Own me. Mark me. It doesn’t matter that I’m an Alpha too.
He demands submission. I wish I could resist.
But he knows my dark nature. My deepest secrets. The truth about what makes me burn.
Because he’s the one who showed it to me. Only now it could destroy us both.

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