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The shifter war of a century is about to ignite.

Jagger Wilkes, rebel wolf, has one battle left in him. Sent on a harrowing recon mission deep in the heart of Kentucky, he’s about to discover the brutal Chief Alpha’s hideout. Jagger’s already decided this is a one-way trip. Three years after losing his fated mate and half his heart, he’s ready to go out in a blaze of glory to be with her. He’s ready and he’s done. Until he meets strange, beautiful Rowan in the middle of nowhere. She calls to his inner wolf and makes him feel things he’s only felt once before. But, that’s impossible. There are no second chances when it comes to fated mates. Are there?

Rowan has lived her whole life in the Chief Alpha’s backyard. She knows there’s something different about her that no one wants to talk about. She has a dark power within her that grows stronger by the day. With just one look, she can immobilize even the strongest of the Pack. It never fails…until the one day it does. When she crosses paths with Jagger, he seems immune to her power. He’s not like any wolf shifter she’s ever met, and her instincts tell her why. But, she senses he’s got a hole in his heart wider than Kentucky itself. If that weren’t enough, the entire Pack is hunting him. They’ll scorch the earth to find him and destroy everything Jagger holds dear. Again. Rowan knows she may be the one thing standing between Jagger and hell. She’ll have to be willing to risk her heart and her life to help him.

It’s all been leading up to this. One final epic battle will determine the fate of the Mammoth Forest wolves and the women they love forever.

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