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Ten years ago, I sat down to write an erotic romance series featuring super sexy, alpha wolf shifters and their fated mates. My heart has always belonged to the paranormal genre ever since I first opened an Anne Rice novel. I had the outlines of the story that I've just released as Forsaken Fate. However, when I finished it all those years ago, I felt daunted about writing in the paranormal romance genre. I thought it would maybe be “safer” if I tried a contemporary romance series first. So, I tore apart what I'd written and made it my version of a billionaire romance and released it as the Torrid Trilogy under the pen name Jayne Blue.

That book sold very well for me and established me in the genre. But, my heart just never left paranormal romance and wolf shifters. So, about a year later, I wrote another series that became Claimed by the Pack and launched it under Kimber White. Readers are still embracing that story and those remain among my bestselling books. Then…I wrote oh, about 30 more wolf shifter books and am still going strong 🙂

Well, fast foward ten years and that original story I wrote just wouldn't leave my mind. I always kept meaning to get back to it and release it as I originally intended it to be, populated by angsty wolf shifters and their fated mates. So, if you first discovered my writing as Jayne Blue (I know some of you have), you may have read portions of this book as the Torrid Trilogy. I have completely reimagined that book and rewrote it as Forsaken Fate. I hope you enjoy it.

For my Kindle readers, this book will not be available on Amazon. But don't worry. You can still get your kindle compatible version through my own online store. Over the next few years, I like many other authors will be moving to a direct sales model. This will allow me to do some pretty incredible things and write stories the way I want. It's an exciting time to be both a reader and an author. Thank you so much for coming along for the ride!

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